суббота, 15 декабря 2012 г.

Love or not to love?

Well,my dear diary,at last Bridget dated with Daniel!They spent a marvelous evening together but then...He didn't pay any attention to her!She was so embarrassed and too sad that she decided to gather a board  meeting which included her close friends-Jude and Sharon.
During discussing the problem Jude advised her to give Daniel a chance,be friendly and flirty and reassure him that she trust him and  not to be going to become needy or fly off the handle.But Sharon said it was inhuman to leave woman hanging in air and advised Bridget to tell him that it's an appalling breach of confidence.
What choice will Bridget do?Will she regulate their relationship or would she like to break it and not to try to   undertake anything?
Oh,and the outcome is really unexpected!
Bridget called her friend Tom and he advised her try to behave more cooly and in a standoffish manner and after that, Tom persuaded her ,Daniel will  be interested in her a lot!

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