вторник, 18 декабря 2012 г.


To create my own blog-diary is something new for me.I have never been keen on writing a diary,but this task seemed to me very interesting and useful.It helped me to express my thoughts and discourses more exactly and obviously.Moreover it was so fascinatingly!Besides I  am really fond of reading the books and I think due to the blog I became more intent during the reading and paid more attention for some details which sometimes escape from my senses.And all tasks were extremely exiting!Unfortunately I hadn't enough time for it and because of my habit to do everything at the last moment I wasn't able to create every point and I regret a lot. But I decided to use my blog  in the nearest future again!I hope it will be more interesting and will have a lot of supplement (more pictures,videos,musics).I will try to improve my style of writing and interest a lot of people in it!
As for the book...I think it changed my attitudes to Bridget's story,before  the reading I considered it was fast and quite moderate.Now I liked the heroine ,she is so colorful ,unexpected and in some cases quite mad!And, of course ,she deserved her woman's happiness.

P.S. the heroine of my book tried to write a diary too.I think she was better and more informative in it than me:)

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  1. I like your comparison with the heroine and good luck in your efforts!
    Mind your mistakes:
    Moreover it was so fascinatingly!> fascinating
    And all tasks were extremely exiting!> exciting