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I think it's high time to learn new words!

to mumble shamefacedly- смущенно бормотать
"Not being a natural liar,I ended up mumbling shamefacedly to Geoffrey..."

to be out of the blue- быть совершенно не в тему
syn.-to be not to the point,to be out of place

super-dooper top-notch- крутой первоклассный
"Do you remember Mark Darcy,darling?He is one of these super-dooper top-notch lawyers."

to look snooty-смотреть высокомерно
"It struck me to stand on your own looking snooty at a party"

to fork out-раскошеливаться
to be never going to be a runner-ничего не выйдет
"...there's no point writing down phone numbers and forking out for expensive lunches because it's never going to be a runner"

to rack one's brain- "рыться" в памяти
"I racked my brain frantically to think when I last read a proper book "

to have a brainwave- осенять,озарять
syn.-to dawn upon

to force upon - навязывать
to snatch away- отнимать
"...should first be forced upon one wholly against one's will,then rudely snatch away just when one is starting to get into it"

to burst into tears- расплакаться, "разразиться" слезами
"...as she was about burst into tears... "

to chuck-бросать кого-либо
"Her boyfriend had chucked her for asking him if he wanted to come on holiday with her."

to kick up- поднять шум
"I hope I can get away without Perpetua kicking up "

"We  women are only vulnerable... "

stunning-ошеломляющий, сногсшибательный
"...strolled in with a stunning blonde who was about eight times as attractive as him"

to amble-идти легким шагом,походкой
"He ambled over to us to say hi"

remorse-угрызение совести, сожаление
self-loathing-ненависть к самому себе
"Sharon and I were suddenly filled with remorse and self-loathing for not advising Jude simply to get rid of Richard"

to jump out of one's skin- подпрыгнуть до потолка
"I quickly passed  RMS Execute and nearly jumped out of my skin..."

"Waited in a frenzy of excitement for reply."

to indulge-потакать, баловать
"He indulged me while I obsessed to him about my unattractiveness crisis..."

insanity- безумие, умопомешательство
"...in a moment of insanity I left a message on Daniel's answer-phone."

bizarre-ненормальный, причудливый,странный
"Is it just me or is Sunday a bizarre night for a first date?"

to snap-огрызаться,прикрикнуть
"...which struck me as odd as she doesn't usually snap at Dad"

to worm out-выведывать,выпытывать
"Eventually managed to worm out of Perpetua that Daniel has gone to New York"

"It's none of your business",I said hoity-toitily"

to shriek-вопить
"Oh my God,it's eleven o'clock",shrieked Woney"

to splosh down-брызнуть вниз
"...tears began to splosh down his cheeks"

to bump into-повстречаться,встретиться
"...tale about 'Julian' bumping into her in the Marble Arch Marks and Spencer..."

cobwebs- тонкости,хитросплетения
"...so he had to conduct a further cobwebs of lies"

nuisance-досада, неприятность
"Daniel's brain may turn out to be something of nuisance if things develop"

"The  man was really quite overbearing with me"

to fly off the handle-разозлиться,сорваться
"...to reassure him that you trust him and are not going to become needy or fly off the handle"

breakneck speed- бешеная, головокружительная скорость
"Drove at breakneck speed feeling like I was dying..."

to glower- смотреть сердито
"I stood stock still on the pavement,glowering up at him"

shepherd's pie- картофельная запеканка с мясом(британское традиционое блюдо)
"Am I going to cook shepherd's pie for them all-British  Home Cooking"

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