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What the book might be about?

Before reading this book I thought about the questions what this book might be about?Looking at the picture of the cover it's easy to understand that the story focus on the relationship between male and female.Moreover, it might be the eternal triangle!And according to the title it  is obviously that the main character expresses her feelings and emotions in the private diary.The book includes 12 months of the year and each month describes the most important events which happened with Bridget Jones. Some of them  really attract my attention!This is it:
JANUARY. An Exceptionally Bad Start

FEBRUARY. Valentine's Day Massacre

MARCH. Severe Birthday-Related. Thirties Panic


MAY. Mother-to-Be

June. Hah! Boyfriend


AUGUST. Disintegration

SEPTEMBER. Up The Fireman's Pole

OCTOBER. Date with Darcy

NOVEMBER. A Criminal in the Family

DECEMBER. Oh, Christ

 It's difficult to say what some of them is about.But I really want to find out their meaning!And Several headlines seems quite funny and interesting.

The pictures inside the book show the scenes of the film:

When I saw them I would like instantly begin to read this fascinating book!For satisfying my curiosity I do it right now!And,of course,my dear diary I will talk about it to you very soon!))

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