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What's happen in the end?

I have already read almost the whole book.And now,I am going to tell you about Bridget's fate.
After  long tortures and worries about unfaithfulness of Daniel Bridget change her work and got a job as television anchorwoman on a small channel.She becomes closer with Mark (it's a person who was rudely introduced to Bridget as  her potential "prey"-her future husband)  but suddenly between Daniel and Mark happened a fight.Bridget was disappointed in Mark and didn't want to be with him anymore.However,she knew that Marc was broken down by his wife for Daniel!She hurried to meet with him but unfortunately Marc was going to leave Britain for America...
What is going to be?
To my mind Bridget will try to find an opportunity to speak to Mark,express her feelings ,persuade him that she regrets and excuses...Bridget will understand that Mark is her ideal man for love and happiness!I really want that  they will be together and nobody won't able to destroy their relationship!And the heroine  at last will reach everything what she wants. 

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